After several months of consistent travel, I visited my wonderful friend and acupuncturist, Dr. Wu. After my most recent travels around Asia, he told me, “Selena, your qi is crazy after your China trip!” haha! He sensed increased brain activity…likely the result of new thoughts and experiences…along the kind of qi imbalance that can come from extended and hectic travel. While encouraging me to relax and rest, Dr. Wu…knowing of my background and interest in martial arts…also strongly suggested that I try T’ai Chi Sword. My immediate reaction was, “Sword?! Yessss!” And since obtaining a sword and starting the training this week, I’m even more excited.

Why so excited?

Because the practice is calming, relaxing, and puts me in flow with the environment around me. The sword is a meaningful addition to my meditative practice and somehow makes me feel that I am channeling qi even more effectively.

Being someone who tends to get excited about new things and change often (I know, I know), the challenge for me is always consistency. This reminds me of one of my previous (and beloved) posts: Discipline and Practicewhich includes the wise counsel of Lao-tzu:

“Do not think that you can attain total awareness and whole enlightenment without proper discipline and practice.

This is egomania.

Appropriate rituals channel your emotions and life energy toward the light. Without the discipline to practice them, you will tumble constantly into darkness.”    

So…for just a minute (or 60!), I hope that you too will find a way to start and end your day with peaceful and meditative practice. It can be transformational, and I personally notice a difference when I take conscious time to perform meditative activities versus jumping up in the morning and going straight to work (or watching junk tv before sleep!).

As with all posts, this is only meant to be inspirational…delivered with love and the hope that you will identify practices that are best for you, while cultivating the discipline to keep it going!  I’m right there with you :)


Photo source: faith and stillness (Norway…thank you for the image, V! :)