“Any kind of abuse, God knows, is a crime. She won’t have a second try…open up your heart, as well as your eyes.”

On the topic of gender violence, I could not stop myself from sharing this other very important song/video. I want to point out that saying something can mean a simple 911 call if you are witness to a violent situation. Please have the courage to be a leader in the face of situations that may be outside of your control…you may save a life in the process.

I am always reminded of a story I learned in Social Psychology about Kitty Genovese…it is the unfortunate¬†true story of a woman who was stabbed to death in New York in 1964 in front of an apartment building. She screamed for help and there were apparently thirty-eight witnesses. The unbelievable tragedy is that¬†none of the 38 witnesses called the police!¬† This type of thing really does happen, so please do not hesitate to call 911…even if you think someone is already doing it!

Thank you!