I believe there is no work more important than helping others.

My passion for helping children in need is due in large part to the fact that they are unable to help themselves. (Plus I simply love children!) They are so often the victims of poor parental decisions. Children fight a very difficult battle, and often they are forced to runaway as a means to save themselves. This is tragic.

These children face challenges growing up that some of us could never imagine. Of course, this leads to a significant population of adults who require special care. In many cases, these adults have children of their onw…and so the vicious cycle can repeat itself if the person in need does not receive needed assistance (and have a genuine desire to help themselves).

For these reasons, I feel called to help support the homeless. Whether through tutoring homeless children or volunteering at shelters, I am privileged to be able to assist those in need whenever possible. I always find that the love I receive is greater than the love I’ve given.

Today, I had the great pleasure of helping to build “Welcome Home” kits for homeless persons transitioning to permanent housing. The Skid Row Housing Trust (skidrow.org) is doing amazing work to create healthy and active lifestyles for persons they are removing from homelessness with their unique dwellings. I was very happy to take the picture above with residents of the Star Apartments after completing the kits! They were lovely.

I can only encourage you to identify a non-profit organization to support that has found a unique way to solve a challenge that you are passionate about. (Or you can consider creating your own non-profit!) We have but a short time on this earth, so why not make it count by giving love to those who are so often overlooked?

You may find that the life you change is your own :)