There is a Sufi story told by Rumi which goes like this:

Two beggars came to the door of a house. One was immediately satisfied, and given a piece of bread. He went away. The second was kept waiting for her morsel. Why? The first beggar was not greatly liked; he was given stale bread. The second was made to wait until a fresh loaf was baked for her.

This story illustrates a theme in Sufic teaching — that there is often one element in a happening which we do not know…yet we base our opinions upon material which is incomplete. (The Sufis, Idries Shah)

The issue with determining if some situation or result was a blessing or a curse is that we never have the complete picture. Something we viewed as a curse could end up being a blessing. Or some situation that we view as a curse could have been a blessing for someone else. Something good could have come out of the situation that we may never realize.

This is why opinions are often faulty. Judging right and wrong is always dependent upon who is doing the judging. Place less weight on the thoughts and emotions of yourself and others which constantly change, while maintaining faith and patience. And above all, do not believe everything you think ;)


Photo source: the story of a beautiful little girl named Poonam