Nike got it right. I think “Just Do It” is an all time great slogan for life.

Sometimes I feel that our society has become obsessed with living vicariously through others. The television has made that easier — we can watch reality TV to ‘live’ other people’s drama, or an action series to ‘experience’ an adventure. But really, it is all artificial. There is a difference between watching a soccer (futball) match and playing one. Reality only begins when the television is turned off.

Similarly, you can read all of the self-help books and blogs in the world, but until you decide to put a theory into practice, all of the reading is an artificial experience. Reading something inspiring can give you the feeling that you are being transformed…that you are becoming a healthier and happier you. But if you haven’t really forgiven someone that you may blame for your unhappiness, you remain trapped. When you live in past pain or future worries, you lose the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful present. Transformation only happens when you make changes.

love life and I am so thankful for all of the beautiful moments I continue to have. But I’m always amazed when someone asks me how I ‘got to’ travel so many places; or how I got started with martial arts; or how I got into racing or skydiving or jet-skiing or cycling or whatever other experience I may have had. People have wondered how I went away to college at such a young age or how became an engineer or how I lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere by myself at eighteen. I also get asked how I started my blog or how I got into volunteering or how I meditate or find peace. My answer is always the same, I just did it. 

Achievers do things. Masters keep doing the same thing. 

There is no substitute for experience. Anyone who has ever reached mastery at anything also started as a beginner. I would wager that the first time this guy (in the photo above) jumped off of that bridge, he probably had a moment of indecision. The split second before I jumped off of a plane, I looked down 12,500 feet and wondered, “What am I doing?!” haha But when my instructor asked me if I was ready, I shouted, “Yes!” with a smile. And I jumped.

Life is full of those moments. A friend may invite you to go to a concert or on a trip to a foreign land. You may have the opportunity to take a class you’ve always wanted to try. You could decide to write a blog post instead of watching cartoons (wink!). You can choose to take 15 minutes to clean out a drawer while watching TV or listening to music. Or you could go to the gym, go for a run, or go out biking instead of just thinking about it. You don’t always have to say yes. But I’ve found that most of life’s most rewarding moments happen when you go for it.

It’s ok to start small. The key is to start.

Pick something good. Then just do it! ;)

If you need a little extra inspiration click here to meet Tim! He’s amazing! :)


Photo source: Jump by keangs9 Chaianan

Photo note: I absolutely love this awesome photo! The photographer Chaianan did an amazing job capturing not only the beauty of the jump, but of those watching and taking photos below. Though we can’t see the face of the jumper, I imagine the look in his face is one of freedom!

P.S> Mom, you inspired this post! ;) Love you!