When traveling to Kyoto, it just makes sense to visit Osaka (or vice versa). They are not that far apart (maybe an hour by train), but the cities feel worlds apart. I was staying in the business district in Osaka, so the energy definitely felt focused and determined. In Kyoto, the old city, the feeling of ancient tradition dominated.

I had planned to visit the Osaka Castle simply because I was attracted to the beauty of the site…but the walk around the castle, complete with a moat and stone walls for defense, was also lovely.

Even with the walk, I arrived before 8am (the golden time!), so I was able to take pictures…and later tour the castle (the interior has been turned into a museum)…without many people around. However, what I didn’t expect is that I would become a part of the attraction for others! While standing outside of the castle, I was asked no-less-than twenty times (by other Japanese tourists) if I’d pose for a photo! I happily accepted, and I’m sure there are a lot of photos of me floating around on social media haha

I’m particularly happy that my photos with this lovely lady were on my camera, because she motioned to the line and kindly whispered to me, “It is because the queen has returned to her castle,” and that was really lovely. Her kind words made my beautiful day even more lovely. :) And whenever I think of Osaka, I’ll remember her too. <3