So, the temperatures have been so hot here (90+) that I have not felt the vibe to go exploring in the Kunshan region of China (where I’m staying) to take photos. So, this photo is from inside the air conditioned comfort of my hotel room looking out haha

As you can see, the area is pretty industrialized here. (Shanghai is two hours away in the distance.) During drives around the city, I can say that the “sight-seeing” is pretty non-traditional. I completely empathize with workers I see resting in the shade!

And speaking of driving…I’m starting to think that honking is a way of communicating…and near accidents are a form of bonding lol I’ve made the decision to either read a magazine during drives or look out side windows for the sake of my nerves!

There are so many people here…and I was reminded during lunch with colleagues here about the government law restricting families to having one child! It is also illegal to find out the gender of a child before it is born (shockingly — and heartbreaking — parents were aborting female children so that their one child could be a son).

I’m definitely not in Kansas anymore…