My visit to Praia (on the main island of Santiago) was all about PEOPLE! Well, and food haha!

It was so wonderful to be with my incredible friends and recharge on good food and frequent visits to my favorite gym there! it was the first time in a long time that I felt full. I mean that mostly in a nutritional way (I was definitely low on vitamins!), but being around great people also recharged my batteries.

I also had a the wonderful opportunity to speak to two English classes in Praia! It was such a pleasure to share my books with these awesome groups and have a vibrant Zen discussion! What a treat!

image1-2 image3-2


I’m so thankful for that trip and my wonderful friends who made it extra special! I traveled to Praia on the first of May, and the big dinner with friends (pictured) definitely felt like my birthday present! ;) <3 So much love and appreciation to everyone who made this trip amazing!