We all hit plateaus….we either feel that we’ve hit our peak and can’t go higher…or that we’ve hit our lowest and can’t go lower. (I don’t believe that either is ever really true.) But when you get bored…or stop seeing results…it’s probably time to change things up! And you have to push yourself  to move up.

Whether it’s in life, in a relationship, or in the gym, you have to push yourself beyond what you previously thought was possible. That is the only way that you can grow…either individually or together in a relationship.

Instead of seeing a dead-end, embrace the new opportunity to get to the next level. Try new ways of working out or having fun to add some extra spice in your life! The best  way to get off of a plateau is to push yourself to the next level. The alternative is to fall back to a lower peak…but who really wants that? :)

Photo source: Horseshoe Bend (Arizona)