Racial inequality is so difficult for me to understand.

From my perspective, we all come from the same Source. Just as the red rose and pink rose are both beautiful, it baffles me that some might passionately argue that one is somehow better (or more beautiful) than the other.

The senseless violence that continues, even today, in particular against men, women, and children of color does not operate from this same understanding. The persons committing these horrible acts of violence do not recognize that they are killing themselves.

This morning, I went to church with (Reverend) President Obama and listened to his amazing eulogy of Reverend Pinckney. The speech is beautifully done, and President Obama reminds us that, “Justice grows out of a recognition of ourselves in each other. My freedom depends on you being free too.”

May we all love unconditionally and without regard to race. May we recognize ourselves in each other. May we know that we are all created from the same Source, and live and love in that understanding.