As I considered more the concept of watching your thoughts, I wanted to communicate a more simplified process. What I came up with is the idea of shifting the level of your consciousness. And here’s the simple process for you to try:

Start by closing your eyes focusing all of your attention on your feet…feel the pulse beating in your feet and any other sensations. Next move your attention up to your stomach and identify the pulse…you can expand or contract your stomach to feel the muscles there. If you then move your attention to your mind, you can start focusing your attention on all of the thoughts you have there, the list of things you need to do, your worries, fears, anxieties live in that space. However, when you move your attention above your head (often, my eyes move up when I do this, even while closed), your consciousness moves above your head and you are able to look down on your whole body and become separate from those thoughts.

Shifting your consciousness simply means moving to a space other than your mind.  I believe watching your thoughts can be done from above most effectively, but you can successfully do this from various vantage points. Although you may not have control over the thoughts that come to your mind, you will recognize that you have control over what you do with those thoughts. I encourage you to give it a try and hope that it will help to bring you peace :)

Photo source: going up! :)  (Ecuador)