enso logo

Several people have asked me about the meaning behind the Selena Sage logo. It’s an excellent question and, I think, worthy of its own post!

I created this logo through the combination of two powerful symbols: the Enso and the Taoist Trigram for Heaven. The enso represents existence [outer circle] and the void [space within the circle], when Heaven is placed inside, the logo symbolizes my key belief that HEAVEN LIES WITHIN.

Read more for additional detail about the symbols:

  • The outer circle is known as the enso, which is a classic Zen symbol. It is known as the circle of enlightenment, and represents the universe and the void. When the enso is painted as a closed circle, it represents the totality of experience and life.
    • When it is painted with an opening [as with the logo], it represents the imperfection found in all things. When used for teaching, it suggests to the student to stop striving for perfection and just allow the universe to be as it is.


  • The inner symbol is the Taoist trigram which represents Heaven. Each line of the Taoist trigram can either be a solid or dashed line [with three lines total]. The solid line represents Yang energy [sun, masculine energy], while a dashed line represents Yin energy [moon, feminine energy].
    • There are eight trigrams in all. Heaven is three solid lines, while Earth is three dashed lines. The other six trigrams are a mixture of Yin and Yang energy. Here is an interesting link for more information: Taoist Trigrams