Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people who can say, “I never get sick.” When I miss sleep and over-schedule myself, it’s a pretty good bet that I will pay for it later. Traveling to four countries in two weeks was a bold plan…and I definitely needed some time to recover and get back to one hundred percent afterwards. The time in Iceland and Germany was epic…and I was inspired in many different ways. I’m brimming with future topics, so I’ll try to catch up on those posts ;)

It’s often said that being sick reminds makes you appreciate your health. There were also a couple of moments where I felt like I would never feel better again. However, thankfully!, those clouds parted and I moved down the path toward good health again. I thought a lot about happiness and depression in those moments. There are times in life when we become sad or depressed…and we feel like we will never be happy again. Also, there are those moments of extreme happiness when we feel like we’ll be happy forever. However, change is a constant in life. Just as we gratefully accept the happy moments, we must move as gracefully as possible through the more difficult ones.

I was also reminded of this Taoist story:

A man asked Lao-tzu why he was happy. Lao-tzu responded, “You do not go to the doctor and ask why you are healthy. You ask why you are sick. In the same way, happiness is the natural state…it is as you should be. Instead of asking why I am happy, inquire as to why you are not.”

As always, wishing you happiness and health! ;)


Photo source: Field of Pink by Judith Jean-Baptiste