13 hours into my 15 hour flight to Hong Kong, my stomach started hurting. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten the airplane dinner with the questionable sauce! I guzzled Sprite and mint Mentos and tried to watch a movie. Gravity started making me dizzy so I changed to Cloudy With Chance of Meatballs 2. (15 hours is a long time and you start running out of options haha!) Even though I didn’t finish the movie, what struck me was the inventor, who so desperately wanted to work for his idol,  stopped believing in himself and his friends to pursue the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (I suspect it ended with him figuring it all out in the end and trusting himself). How many times do we wait for someone else to give us the keys?

15 hours in the air gives you a long time to think about things. I mostly slept haha But the most clarity I had during the journey was when I opened the window shade on the descent and saw the beautiful, cloudy sky and sunset on the horizon (I wish I’d snapped a picture, but the photographer featured in this post got a great capture!). In those moments, as we descended through the clouds, I was reminded of the beauty of nature and the vast size of the world. I also considered the brilliant scientists who made human flight possible (it can be a mind bend to realize you’re in a metal contraption over the ocean thousands of miles from home haha).

I was reminded that nothing is impossible. And that instead of waiting for someone else to make our dreams come true, we have to go create our future. In the words of my sage sister, Iris, we have to take our power back and just go do it!

Oh, and I recommend skipping anything that doesn’t look, feel, smell, or taste right haha


Photo source: Heavenly sky seen through the window of an airplane by Ramzi Hachicho