So much is said by what is not said in this image.

While it seems that much progress has been made regarding the rights of women, there is still sexism that happens covertly (like not receiving equal pay for equal work, or being denied opportunities due to gender). And overtly, there are still many places in the world where young girls do not receive an education (Hero: Malala)…and buildings where women are not free to enter (like here).

Sexist images in media (including TV shows, movies, and advertising) are still very prevalent and are so often geared toward a woman’s body instead of her mind. Much of this imagery has become so commonplace that many fail to notice even the most obvious sexism.

In order to be the change, why not teach young children (boys and girls) equality, love, and respect for each other? If your company is promoting advertising which objectifies women, why not voice your concerns? If other companies are objectifying women, why not withhold your (financial) support? And in all of your decision making, beware of making sweeping generalizations or decisions based solely on gender (or any other categorization for that matter).

With each person becoming more conscious, we can change the world! :)

Photo source: sexism