If I’m going to have forgiveness, who am I going to have it from? Myself. But every time I forgive myself for something, I’m remembering what it was. And every time I remember what it was, I put some more of my energy into it. So it seems to get bigger and doesn’t go away.

So, although I say, “Okay, I forgive myself,” the next time I see the person that I got angry with, up comes the anger again.

So we have to do something more than forgive it. We actually have to forget it. We have to live our lives in this moment to such completeness that when one moment disappears, there’s no evidence that we were in that moment.

If there’s no evidence, there’ll be no thought, no feeling, no imagination, and no physical reality, and the unconscious will be clear.

Do you know what happens when those levels clear themselves? We automatically move very deep inside ourselves into the Soul, wherein the Christ and God, the divine spiritual energy, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost, resides and lives.

– Excerpt from Forgiveness: The Key to the Kingdom by John-Roger

Photo source: renewal (Yosemite)