ueno park 1

I have to say first that I don’t even love the picture above…haha! But it’s so perfect. While I was standing in Ueno Park in Tokyo, next to the cherry blossom tree (not in bloom, it was autumn) that inspired me to write my first published book (Meditative Questions), I was overcome with so many emotions. I was nervous returning to the site…emotional as I next to the tree and thought about how it changed my life…and blissful as I had the opportunity to bring my books back to the spot where it all started. But everyone around me was going about their day, not understanding the magnitude of the moment for me. I think that’s what I like about this photo :)

I was lucky to meet a kind American (Hi Glen, from Skywest!) who took so many pictures of me next to my beloved tree. This was one snap he captured that really stood out because I can look at this picture and feel my own joy. I mean, where’s the fun if you can’t see all of my teeth and tonsils?? haha

The moment was so precious because I reminded of how the spark that this one tree provided lit up my life in so many unexpectedly wonderful ways. As I think of this tree, I’m humbled and thankful of my bravery and courage for daring to continue with the dream of a book and make it real…and for daring to dream of a new life, and creating that too.

I will always love this tree. And I will always strive to be more like it. [Side note: Even during this visit, as I had to check myself for being unhappy that people were daring to smoke under my beloved tree! But then, I recognized that my tree gracefully provided shelter for smokers and non-smokers (I expanded that idea saints and sinners) alike, without judgement. I also laughed as I thought about how I came back looking like a tree myself! haha]



ueno park 2