I woke up today to an email from a dear friend with a link to my website as a part of her signature…Omg! And earlier this week, my sister told me a out her enthusiastic referrals of my site to others…Wow! My mother has taken to quoting and referencing bits from my site when we talk…haha!  So to them and to you, I say thank you for being hereYou inspire me to keep sharing :)

The joy from this show of love and support reminded me that happiness really comes from helping others. You get what you give :)  It is also a reminder to put positive energy in the the universe and to strive to create friends and not enemies.

I don’t believe that love can ever be described in words. I won’t try here. But I do believe that love of yourself consists of taking care of yourself…eating well, exercising, meditating, eliminating negative thoughts/emotions, having a deep gratitude for all that is and appreciating and sharing your gifts. Loving others is simply an extension of self-love. We are all one.

With love in my heart, I wish you a beautiful day :)


Photo source: simply awesome :) caring is sharing ;)