After I titled my last post (rain love), I had an automatic reaction to create this one :)

As it sometimes happens, I had the title and many ideas, but wanted to find an image to pull it all together. I found this piece from the “Pencil vs Camera” collection to be exceptionally brilliant. Here’s why…

There are so many different story lines that can be created from this one image. (It reminds me of a puzzle I loved to solve as a child in Highlights magazine that challenged you to find images within a broader photo.)

Within this image, I was immediately struck by the mermaid. To me it is as if she’s trying to give her love to one  who is too focused perhaps on doing what he loves to notice. However, she has not gone unnoticed by others…but she’s too focused on the object of her affection to see it.

And then there is the boy in the boat who looks very sad among the coals. It’s as if he’s stuck in a job he hates and would rather be doing anything else. (The other guys in the picture appear to be in chill mode to me. ha)

The message for me is one of balance … it is both good to do what you love and right to share your love and wonderful when you can live a life that includes both. When your vision is too narrow, you miss the bigger picture.

What we may sacrifice today for love or wealth, we may not be able to get back tomorrow. 

Photo source: pencil vs camera