I find it worth mentioning that when I set out to find the perfect picture for the post, I planned on going the more traditional jigsaw puzzle route ha But I’ve recently been on this kick about words…the power words have to influence us in so many ways, and the incredible power that comes from dropping all words (more on that later :) that I decided this Scrabble pic was pretty brilliant :)

For now, I am inspired to explore the idea of perfection. What does it mean to be perfect anyway?

Quite simply, I believe it means to be yourselfTrying to be someone you are not is a waste of the person you are.

As I was recently telling a friend, I do not believe that our Creator makes mistakes. This understanding allows you to love yourself as you are…and to love others as they are too!

So then our goal becomes something like this:  to see through all of the illusion telling us that we are not or can not….dare to dream big…and believe in magic. We are only limited by our own beliefs. You are perfect as you are. And there is nothing that you cannot do.

Now all that is left is to ignore the critics (which may also be in your mind) and go do it ;)

Photo source: dreamer