I recently enjoyed a good laugh from a reader  who sent me a message (thanks for reading and writing in!) after they read the Songs of Mira post. The message was, “Selena, do you hate men?” hahahahaha Let me assure you that nothing could be further from the truth! Now, I’ve been called a feminist before (haha!)…but I do not believe it to be true that to fight for equal rights of one group means that you dislike or hate another.

That being said, I imagine they had this impression because of one the poems I shared by Mira…perhaps the line, “I know why God came to this earth as a man, in hopes of redeeming that gender. God knows he owes us women big time…” had some impact hahahaha For the record, I thought the poem was hilarious and a refreshingly honest and bold approach to someone saying what they really feel. I didn’t write the poem, but I can appreciate it :)

Nonetheless, the note got me thinking about opinions. Everyone has them…some choose to share them (I’m glad the person did, as it led to this post!). You can’t control that reality. The only thing you can control is your reactions. You can give the opinion weight and react in a serious way…or you can take it lightly and move on. Remember…lighter loads are easier to carry ;)

We can consider feedback a gift because someone is taking time to share. You always get to choose what you want to do with it.

As with all things, choose wisely :)


Photo source: squawk