November 4, 2016


As I hike through the Valley of Paul today, I keep thinking of truth. Of how some people go through extraordinary measures to avoid telling the truth and end up causing far more damage than if they would have told the truth in the first place. Of how we lie to ourselves. How we avoid – Read More –

October 14, 2016


While reflecting on a couple of lovely days spent traveling around my beautiful island of Santo Antao, I’m inspired to think about the journey of life. The featured photo was taken from the crater of a volcano here. How does someone come to live in the crater of a volcano? How do all of the decisions – Read More –

July 5, 2016


Even though life is fleeting, trust is fragile. Unhappiness finds us when we overthink. Understanding can only be gained by experience and communication. But in the end, we must let go. Squeezing the stone harder will not produce milk. Trust finds its own way and blossoms over time. Just as we cannot expect the flower – Read More –

April 27, 2016


Four months ago, I embarked on a journey I did not understand. I was called to visit an island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean for reasons I cannot comprehend. I felt connected to a place and to people I had not yet met. I took a risk. I remember after having a book – Read More –

January 3, 2016


Almost one year ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing high school students interested in attending my alma mater, Northwestern University. It is an incredible privilege to speak with these students, as I know that my assessment may influence their future collegiate decisions. I tag teamed many of the interviews with my now friend and – Read More –

November 3, 2015


“Change is challenging.” – L.E.E. It is very easy to get “stuck” in familiar routines. We may stay in a job that negatively impacts our health or carry on in a relationship that is a constant struggle because we convince ourselves that the current situation is better than the (imagined worse) alternative. Change can be scary when – Read More –

February 7, 2015


This is a story about how I accidentally (on purpose) met the incomparable (wonderful and beautiful) Oprah Winfrey. (!!!!) Please note: I’m writing this at 2am, so thank you for your kindness and understanding as you read my excited thoughts ;) First, I will just say that I do not think there is any such – Read More –

November 23, 2014


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful spirit…her name is Chloe Temtchine. She is the model for courage and bravery as she maintains a super positive spirit and continues to share her musical gifts while raising awareness for Pulmonary Hypertension. (You can learn more about PH here). I hope that you’ll take a – Read More –

July 31, 2014


Sometimes I stumble on wisdom. Recently, I was talking to a friend about how she stayed far too long in an unhealthy relationship. She said, “I tried so hard to prove myself to him…” I shook my head and said, “I don’t think that’s it. It’s not that you were trying to prove yourself to – Read More –

July 13, 2014


Nike got it right. I think “Just Do It” is an all time great slogan for life. Sometimes I feel that our society has become obsessed with living vicariously through others. The television has made that easier — we can watch reality TV to ‘live’ other people’s drama, or an action series to ‘experience’ an adventure. – Read More –

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