I am so incredibly fortunate to have been blessed with amazing friendships! As I have the privilege of spending time in Europe now with one of those friends, I’m reminded that often there is nothing better for the spirit than a good laugh with a great friend! However, this morning I spent some moments considering the effects of transferred stress…for instance, an angry parent can transfer stress which may create an angry child who goes to school and becomes a bully. Or manager with a large goal can transfer stress to an employee who anxiously tries to determine how to achieve that target and returns home to transfer that stress onto their family.

Essentially, we can become conductors of negative energy and carry it over to other situations and people. However, we can also serve as a grounding influence for that energy and refuse to transfer it. We can stop it in its tracks. The choice is always ours.

As with most things, I think the answer lies in living intensely in the present moment and removing those past memories and avoiding the alluring future trap….the trap that causes us to worry about what will happen if we don’t return an email right away. I believe that life gives us opportunities to correct. ;)


Photo source: Wiener Staatsoper #2 by Damien Tachoires (Vienna Opera House)