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June 21, 2020


In my second book, “unbreakable,” I have a poem called Let Go: I’ve been thinking of this poem so much lately as I’ve been led to let go of new things. Even when it’s hard, I’ve learned to let go with love—with thanks and gratitude for experiences and lessons learned. I know that this letting – Read More –

June 9, 2020


I am excited to announce that Season 2 of my *free* podcast, “Live Free with Selena Sage”is now streaming! Thank you so very much for your support of the first 50-episode season! Your subscriptions, plays, 5-star ratings, reviews, and kind notes of support inspired me to continue on! The daily podcast features positive and uplifting – Read More –

May 31, 2020


This morning, I was inspired to discuss spirituality in the context of activism on my podcast, “Live Free with Selena Sage” (all podcast platforms or listen/link at I hope this message of Oneness and hope might be a source of inspiration, support, and love for you. I welcome you to share it with others – Read More –

April 29, 2020


Especially during these times of heightened fear, I think it’s incredibly important to monitor your consumption. Is what you’re reading and watching fueling fear? Does it paint a full picture of what’s happening? Who or what is being supported by the narrative being presented? Who or what is being negatively impacted? These are questions that – Read More –

April 17, 2020


Sometimes it happens that we decide on a course of action and become driven to achieve a certain goal. Outwardly, this determination is not necessarily a bad thing. Indeed, it can lead to the creation of beautiful things (especially artistically). But if this drive creates internal stress, turmoil, confusion, and/or illness, this can be a – Read More –

April 5, 2020


I am so happy to announce the official release of my fourth book, HAIKU to be free (enlightenment is always free!) love, Selena Sage :)! I include the full title of the book because it was purposefully written as a (non-standard 5-8-5) haiku too! ;) HAIKU to be free is available FOR FREE! All you – Read More –

March 31, 2020

Peace During Uncertain Times

Times are always uncertain, but we don’t always feel it. Sometimes we think we are in control, but that is an illusion of control. When we feel that things are uncertain, we don’t feel in control….and, in fact, this feeling is closer to reality. During these times, we are forced to live in faith as – Read More –

March 22, 2020


I’d like to say that I’ve learned from my process of publishing other books. Technically, I am more proficient and I have an internal recipe for how I want my books to look at feel. But my process to implement those things continues to be plagued by my relentless (and exhausting) pursuit of perfection. In – Read More –

February 10, 2020

New Podcast: Live Free with Selena Sage

I am excited to announce that I have launched a new podcast!! “Live Free with Selena Sage” is now live and available on all major podcasting platforms, including Apple, Google, and Spotify!! Please visit for direct links to your podcast platform of choice, or download the free Anchor app to leave me voice and – Read More –

January 2, 2020


During my hike yesterday, I was captivated by this small, clear pool of water. Because the water was calm and unagitated, I could see the rocks below very clearly. In the same way, when we are calm and still, we are able to see things clearly.  Every new year, I try to take a moment – Read More –

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