Santo Antão
April 17, 2019


I have been traveling (around the world) for almost a year straight, and it is hard to put into words what that feels like. While the experiences, people, and places have been great, my body has reminded me of the importance of rest.

While I feel the excitement of new things on the horizon, it sometimes feels like I’m in the clouds. Personhood tells me to pick a path, spirit tells me to relax and know that the path will come to me.

Even in these moments of seeming indecision, I know that grace shines upon me. I am ever thankful for all of my blessings of abundance, and I shift my consciousness into the space of awareness, knowing that all is well. In this space, more than any other, I know that rest is the greatest gift. All is well, and all will be well. Life takes care of life…and for that, I am immensely grateful.



Photo above was taken at the start of a hike on my island of Santo Antão in Cabo Verde. The view was breath-taking, and the six hour hike with my dear friend from Germany was intense and nourishing…just like life can be :)

It is worth noting that when we broke through the clouds, the path was made clear :)



April 16, 2019


Being in Austin, Texas—my hometown!—is always a joy. Having the opportunity to spend time with my family is a beautiful gift.

Recently, I was overjoyed to spend many days with my beautiful and incredible grandparents, while we attended the phenomenal LBJ Presidential Summit on Race in America. The discussions were expansive, and the speakers were both legendary and phenomenal. [Pictured above sharing my book,  “Get Free” with amazing Ms. Valerie Jarrett, former Senior Advisor to President Obama...while gratefully accepting a signed copy of her new book “Finding My Voice”; sharing my second book, “unbreakable” with activist DeRay McKesson while holding his book, “On The Other Side of Freedom”; with my grandfather and First Daughters Lynda Johnson Robb and Luci Baines Johnson (daughters of President LBJ); and with my beautiful grandparents and Ms. Jarrett.]

This is only a small glimpse into the summit and the incredible people I was fortunate to meet last week. I am immensely thankful for each new friend and every kind conversation I had…and I’m looking forward to more goodness in beautiful Austin! :) I just have to catch up on rest a little, first! Haha ;)



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Shrine - HTX
March 17, 2019


I originally came to Houston with the idea that I would be here just a few weeks ago…but that was almost three months ago! A series of (fortunate) events have kept me here and it’s been a really beautiful experience. I’ve met so many wonderful, beautiful people! And it’s been a delight for me to share my books with beautiful beings here, through events that have just sort of come up!

As an independent artist, with an independent publishing company  (that I created — ZenTao Books), taking a book from idea to finished product is a complete rollercoaster! Believing in an idea enough to commit to it, and then continuing forward through various doubts (will anyone gain something from this?!), fears (will I run out of money making this?!), perfectionist-based-worries (will I ever get this cover right?!), and external realities is a lot! It’s something that I think all creatives go through, and it’s one of the reasons why I try to support other creatives that I meet (even still, I sometimes have the next-day worry that perhaps I should have done more, but that is impractical and impossible, so it’s a thought I let wash away).

There are a host of costs that go into creating art (for a book, this can include design fees, licenses for cover art, websites, copyright fees, ISBNs, printing, etc.) and sometimes it can seem overwhelming for an independent artist (who typically pays for these fees out of their own pocket!). But I can say that everyone who takes time to even look at the art and say a kind word is watering an artist. Those who feel inspired to go the extra step to purchase the art is like the sun…not only are they paying the highest compliment possible to an artist, they are also helping the artist to cover costs for the art that has been created AND they are helping provide a pathway (spiritually and financially) for the artist to make more art. This is all a beautiful exchange of love and energy.

So, as you consider supporting an independent artist, I can only invite you to see your purchase as adding water and sunlight to a flower. Even if you don’t fully vibrate with what you’re seeing, perhaps you have a peek at a flower early in bloom and you can see the beauty that is unfolding. Your watering will help that flowering, and perhaps you know someone who will appreciate that stage of the bloom. Gifting independently made art is a dual gift that is based in love.

To all, I give my sincere thanks! You are my sun and rain and I thank you for cheering me on as I continue to grow!


So much love,

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Photo grid: 16 March 2019, at The Shrine of the Black Madonna in a Houston, Texas USA


March 17, 2019


I keep a picture of the moment just before I met Mooji as the background art on my mobile phone. I do that because I want to keep that beautiful memory alive in my consciousness. It was so profound, but even still, life creates new memories that can push old ones down.

When I think back to my experience of meeting Mooji in Lisbon, I can say that I knew he possessed incredible wisdom, but I had not yet processed the idea of him as an enlightened being. That concept (and guru or other names) was not something that I really processed. (They are just names, after all!)

During my first time meeting Mooji in Satsang, I felt profound shifts in my understanding, but even that did not prepare me for what it would be like to meet him!

As I waited patiently along a rail, near the end of his path, where he would exit the hall, I held a copy of “Meditative Questions” that I had signed for him, and planned to gift him. As he came nearer to where I was standing, I heard people spontaneously start to cry or laugh, and I felt myself smiling without any reason. As he came closer, I felt everything around me slowly drop away. When Mooji reached out to hug me, absolutely everything dropped away and I felt an immense light shining within myself. Mooji presented as an endless and infinity source…of what? I can’t describe.

As he hugged me, he simply said, “Wonderful, wonderful,” and I later internalized this as his acknowledgment that perhaps I had, in that moment, dropped even my own self, so as to be open for that divine encounter. (Somehow I remembered to give him the book and I shall never forget his gracious acceptance and happiness at receiving that gift.)

I have never met anyone remotely close to Mooji’s being, but I love that his teachings point the way for others to join him in the infinite.

As I thought this morning about meeting Mooji, I thought back to how it was said that Christ healed the sick and helped the blind to see. When I was a child, I imagined Christ as a magical figure (I still do!) who had kind of imparted magic when he touched people and healed all. As I think of Mooji, I see it a little differently. While I still think of him as magical, I think that his pointings bring everyone to WHOLENESS. In reflecting on my experience meeting him, absolutely every care and worry dropped away. If I had been sick, I would not have been in that moment. If I had been blind, the seeing he provided would have been internal…it was an emptying that, through removing everything, all could be seen.

My understanding of that experience still comes in waves, as does my awakening. Through Mooji, I have experienced THAT which cannot be seen…and I continue to absorb his lesson that I AM THAT.

I am thankful. Namasté.



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Mooji hug

March 3, 2019


Yesterday, I had the most amazing time chatting with MistaGoodBar at The Remedy (KPFT Houston)!

We has so much fun talking books, music, and travel — three of my passions! So much love and appreciation for the support

Please click here for the full interview.

If you listened and enjoyed this interview, please know that independent artists and radio stations depend on public support to cover costs and continue to provide a platform. Please support the books however you can ( for physical books or for special $4.99 sale on ebooks of all titles! If you think one of the books might be great for a friend, thank you for the support by either gifting or sharing links to the books! eBooks are .pdf to be read on every platform, and they are shareable!).

Also, please join me in supporting The Remedy Radio by dropping a donation (any amount is okay!) to CashApp $KPFTHouston or and please note that you are donating in support of The Remedy.

We have to help keep these platforms available for independent artists (like me!). You can think of your donation as a thank you to The Remedy for helping lift me up and donate to buy MistaGoodBar a coffee :) Thank you for all of your support! ❤️



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March 2, 2019


It was my sincere honor to be present in Houston, Texas for the She Did That! event celebrating African-American women entrepreneurs this past week. I met so many incredible women, and I loved being surrounded by such incredible Art at the amazing Houston Museum of African-American Culture (HMAAC)! That my books could be among such incredible paintings and photographs was simply beautiful…especially because I tend to think of my books as more Art than books haha

Being at the event also caused me to remember the fact that I’m actually an entrepreneur! Haha I sometimes forget that my publishing company, ZenTao Books, is an actual entity because it actually just feels like an extension of myself. After I wrote my first book, I did not imagine that I’d be releasing a book every two years after that (2015, 2017, 2019)! And given the realities of supporting the design and publishing costs, I’m being pulled into a broader vision.

As I work through the details of that vision, I know that a capable team is forming as well, and I’m excited for new possibilities to continue sharing my Art! ;)

I am so thankful!




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Get Free
February 21, 2019


Get Free: 7 Simple Steps to Free Your Mind & Live Your Dreams is now available! (Details: here)

Launching a new book is exciting and overwhelming! There are so many details to consider, websites to update, and outlets to market to. Sometimes it seems that the tasks will never be done! But step-by-step, and bit-by-bit, everything gets done through determined persistence.

There are endless ways to launch a book, but I find that I’m forced to just do what I can—simply to get it done. The perfectionist in me is forced to take a back seat to allow progress to be made. I recognize that by putting the book out there, the opportunities will show up at the right time.

Get Free was designed to be a transformational tool to examine your own life and prioritize your dreams. Through sharing brief stories from my own journey (from corporate life to an island in Africa!), and exercises for completion, Get Free invites the reader to take the spark of inspiration from each step and apply it to their life.

Get Free will make you think, and you’ll get from this book what you give to it. I wish you freedom, peace, and joy…and I thank you for your support! <3

Get Free eBook in pdf format is available here.

Get Free paperback version is available through here.



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February 10, 2019


When I notice a minor typo in an email I’ve just sent, I have to continually tell myself to let it go. When I find a typo in a social media post, I immediately edit it. These things don’t really matter, but I still want to get them right. I think about these small mistakes longer than I should, and I chastise myself for not checking twice. However, these digital mistakes pale in comparison to my quest for perfection when publishing a new book.

When organizing a new book, I agonize over every space and every font. I want the pages and words to be perfect, so that errors do not distract from what I am trying to say. I feel physical pain when I’ve fallen short of that goal, but I also feel euphoric when I feel like I’ve gotten it right. I’ll be the first to say that this is all insanity, but I delight in things don’t right, so I’ve had to accept this quirk about myself.

Recently, when working on publishing my third book, Get Free, I’ve dealt with more crushing moments of imperfection than I thought possible. (And anxiety when making changes, hoping that something else is not accidentally broken.) I thought the process of putting together this book would take one week…or three weeks at most. Instead, it’s taken almost three months and I hate to admit that I’m still tweaking pages! (I’ve just made some formatting changes and promised myself this would be the end of it…I just hope I keep to that goal!)

In this moment, I can say that perfection feels like an addiction–just a little more change and it will be okay. But I know deep within that there has to be a stopping point to the process of endless changes to move forward. Thankfully, I’ve experienced this with my previous two books, so I know that I can do it. Those books were designed to be more artistic…with centered text and lots of empty space, so there was less to worry about with margins and paragraphs. (Even still, I was crazy about spacing and centering then haha) Get Free brings unique challenges because it is more of a traditional book, with paragraphs, chapters, and a table of contents. I also made the late choice to change the font of the book, which resulted in some additional challenges within spacing/format in InDesign (software I used to layout the book).

I’m thankful for my keen eye and quest to get things right, but I’m also very aware that there is a fine line between perfection and insanity. I think of the quote, “Perfection is the enemy of greatness,” and I know deep down that sometimes we have to be brave enough to say this is wonderful and beautiful as it is…even if a line has spacing that isn’t perfect.

The challenge of any artist is knowing when to stop and let it go. There can be beauty and relatability in flaws, too. It provides subtle permission to other artists of the courage it takes to get your work out. Even if it’s not exactly right, others can overlook slight imperfections and embrace your greater work. Typos can be corrected another time…that’s what second editions are for ;)

Wishing you space to breathe through perceived mistakes as you release your art into the world. Mistakes happen, and they are correctable. What you are sharing is bigger than the small reasons that may be keeping you from doing so. Namaste.


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Pictured: Cover art for my third book, Get Free: 7 Simple Steps to Free Your Mind & Live Your Dreams. Though my amazing graphic designer got me most of the way there with the cover, I had to teach myself how to use Illustrator to tweak a few things to get achieve my vision of perfection haha ;)

Note: My tweaks to the internal text today (InDesign) were formatting changes that (I felt) were needed as a result of changing the font within the book.

January 1, 2019


As we enter a new year, let us burn all of the doubts, fears, and anxieties that we felt in 2018. Let us celebrate our resilience as we overcame all that threatened to tear us down in the days past… and may we recognize that, like a phoenix, we continue to rise from the ashes of all that we’ve left behind.

New years are simply markers of time that encourage us to take a moment to recollect times spent in the previous year, and make plans for the next year. In our recollections, let us look with gratitude for all of our experiences and let us recognize our own growth. As we move forward, let it be with a spirit of gratitude and excitement for all of the goodness that will continue to manifest in our grateful hearts.

Today, I am reminded of Mooji’s wise words that “life takes care of life,” and I am humbled with deep gratitude for the many ways that I was taken care of in 2018. I am thankful for you. I choose to keep hope in my heart for all of the beautiful things to come in 2019, and I wish you peace, prosperity, freedom, and joy in the days and years to come.



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December 3, 2018


In August, I woke up one day and realized that I needed to go to New York for the Writer’s Digest Conference. I bought an airline ticket and registered days before the conference, and I think motion became a theme for that trip from there.

While at the conference, I met so many wonderful new people and learned a great deal of new information. Two lecturers at the conference really stood out for me: the incredible Jordan Rosenfeld and the sweet Jeanne Bowerman.

Jordan gave two incredible talks (on vivid imagery and tension) that truly transformed my thinking about my (still) in-progress novel, Seven Lives. Her kind spirit and depth of knowledge amazed me, and I immediately felt a sense of connection with her. More than that, I knew that I needed her editing help on my novel! I will forever be thankful that she felt the same and was eager to help! The feedback she has provided so far has been incredible.

Jeanne gave a spectacular talk about screenwriting that energized me to move forward with a screenplay idea that still feels good a  year after brainstorming the concept with a friend.

Being surrounded by other talented writers, including the prolific Walter Mosley, was such a treat! Connecting with these other incredible individuals felt like a tribal communion. While getting to the conference required navigating through flooded streets (Lyft days!) and subways and buses, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in NYC! I decided to rock the African kimonos that I had made in Cabo Verde (with fabric purchased from Senegal, and sewed by a Senegalese friend), so that lead to many great conversations…and even an impromptu photoshoot in the middle of 5th Ave by a photographer that was out for the Puerto Rican day parade (still waiting for those photos *eyebrow raise* haha!).

I was also able to see friends and fam in the Big Apple, and that’s always a  treat <3 Thinking back, I always feel that I could stay in New York longer…but I know that the trip was so jam-packed that I needed to get back to my Cali beach for recovery!

A Little More About The Conference

Of particular note, I participated in Pitch Slam event at the conference and had the opportunity to pitch my novel to seven agents! What a thrill to get expressed interest from all seven agents I spoke with! They loved the concept, recognized the uniqueness of the story, and (I think) vibed with my vibe. The energy around creating stories that people get excited about has been uniquely different than what I have experienced with my other books. Receiving confirmation that I was on the right track really did help to boost my spirits, and for that, I am grateful.

Also…no post about this particular trip to New York would be complete without mention of my travel blessing. As with all of my trips, this journey was unplanned, and unbudgeted (new word haha). On paper, it didn’t really make sense to go so last minute, but that always seems like the case with travel. Still, I went, but a small part of me wished it had cost a bit less haha

The Universe and God stepped in, as my flight ended up being overbooked! When the desk made the announcement with a call for volunteers, I happened to me on the phone with my sister Iris…and it took us half a second to realize that I needed to be first on that list! I jumped up and added my name, elated when I learned that the flight re-book would be for the flight that was only an hour later! (And also a nonstop flight on Delta!) Ironically, that flight was the flight I’d originally tried to book! But I ended up having to book the earlier flight…that turned out to be overbooked.

Due to my great fortune, they only needed one volunteer…me! I received a $600 voucher, which was a little more than what I’d paid for the last minute flight! I am so thankful for that blessing, and still in awe that it only required me to wait an hour longer for the next flight. What a gift.

I also had the chance to meet and speak with Walter Mosley after his dynamic keynote speech! He encouraged me to write everyday…but I told him that my creativity seemed to flow all at once, like a download, whenever I created new books. He nodded sagely and said I was like a French writer (whose name I can’t remember…Seneca or something? haha), and that was pretty cool :)

All-in-all, this trip was another reminder from the Universe to me to act on the small voice that repeats in my head to do something. It has become a guide, and I continue to deepen in my faith as I understand that good always comes from following this divine intuition…and that I’m always supported when I follow this voice. I remain humbled and so very thankful.


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