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March 7, 2013


Click to listen: One Day In Heaven Just heard this song after my post about “bliss”…kinda perfect! This brings a new meaning to meditative music ;) Thanks to Michael Bernard Beckwith! (Agape International Spiritual Center) Photo source: heaven (artist rendering)

March 7, 2013


bliss /blis/ (noun): perfected happiness

I most appreciate Osho’s discussion of bliss as it relates to consciousness. Osho divides humanity into those who are sleeping, those who are awake and those who are in between. Happiness depends on where you are in your consciousness.

The Sleeping Ones

If you are sleeping, then pleasure is happiness. Pleasure is trying to force the body to achieve something it is not capable of. People are trying, in every possible way, to achieve happiness through the body, but it cannot be done. The body can give you only momentary pleasures, and each pleasure is balanced by pain in the same amount, in the same degree. The body exists in a world of duality, just as the day is followed by night, your pleasure will be followed by your pain…and your pain will be followed by pleasure.

But you will never be at ease. When you are in a state of pleasure, you will be afraid that you are going to lose it…and that fear will poison it. And when you are lost in pain, of course, you will be in suffering…and you will try every possible effort to get out of it — just to fall again back into it. Buddha calls this the wheel of birth and death. To the sleeping, pleasurable sensations are happiness. He lives from one pleasure to another pleasure. He is just rushing from one sensation to another sensation. He lives for small thrills. His life is very superficial; it has no depth, it has no quality. He lives in the world of quantity.

Those in-between being sleep and being awake

When one starts meditating, one will begin to move from being sleep to being awakened. In this transitory state, happiness has a different meaning: it becomes more of a quality, and less of a quantity; it is more psychological, less physiological. She enjoys music more, she enjoys poetry more, she enjoys creating something. She enjoys nature, its beauty. She enjoys silence…she enjoys what she had never enjoyed before, and this is far more lasting. Even if the music stops, something goes on lingering in you.

The difference between pleasure and THIS happiness is: it is not a relief, it is an enrichment. You become more full, you become a little overflowing. Listening to good music, something is triggered in your being, a harmony arises in you — you become musical. Or dancing, suddenly you forget your body; your body becomes weightless. The grip of gravitation over you is lost. Suddenly you are in a different space: the ego is not so solid, the dancer melts and merges into the dance. This has a depth. But this is also not the ultimate.

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March 7, 2013


Zen painting is a form of meditation. The paintings are created on rice paper so that corrections cannot be made. In this way, the mind has nothing to do while painting. The artist simply paints without thought of correction, creating brush strokes with the feeling of the moment. Zen painting also honors nature and incorporates – Read More –

March 7, 2013


The small man

Builds cages for everyone



While the Sage,

Who has to duck her head

When the moon is low,

Keeps dropping keys all night long,

For the




Poetry by Hafiz (with edits by Selena Sage)

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